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League Resources

At the core of League Resources is Starting your NFL FLAG League. To learn more about NFL Flag and starting a league visit our Starting a League help section.

If you are going to be the League Organizer, go to Start a League and click on the Get Started button.  Below is a quick overview of the Start A League Process:

Step 1: Create an Account

Every League Organizer must Create an Account and be registered with NFL FLAG.  This will be your account that you will use to log in with and manage your NFL FLAG League. 

Step 2: League Information

In this step, you will provide us information about your NFL FLAG Football League including:


Step 3: Upload Insurance Certificate

Every league is required to provide the NFL with a copy of their insurance policy. You must provide an insurance policy for each season in which your league participates. Please view our Insurance Overview for coverage/policy requirements.

Step 4: Player Registration

As a registered NFL FLAG league, the online registration system, reporting tools and customer support are provided at no additional cost to you or your parents.  

If you choose to use the NFL FLAG online registration system, you will need to provide vital information about your league including:

If you choose not to use the NFL FLAG online registration system, but plan on hosting registration through your own methods, then you can go directly to your league dashboard by clicking on the dashboard button on the right hand column.

Step 5: Player Registration Form Builder

The Player Registration Form Builder enables you to gather basic information or more detailed information about your participants. The NFL has several required fields that cannot be changed.

After building and finalizing your Player Registration Form, you will have completed the Start A League process. You will now be taken to your League\'s DASHBOARD where here you will manage all of your league content.

If you are ready to get your league set up in the NFL FLAG System, click the GET STARTED button under S tart A League on the right hand column of the page.